About Us


Office Staff

Jenn: Dental Assistant and Implant coordinator. Jenn has a Sociology degree from OSU. She has been a member of our team since 2008.

Karla: Office Manager. Karla is certified in Medical Insurance Billing from Everett Institute. She has been a member of our team since 2006.

Josie: Administrative Assistant. Josie has been a member of our team since 2015.

Paola: Removable Prosthesis Laboratory and Clinical Assisting: Paola has a DDS degree from Venezuela and has been with us since 2010.

Vita: Porcelain Laboratory. Vita has been with us 3 years. She obtained her laboratory technician degree in Venezuela and has had substantial post graduate studies in Mexico and Italy.


Dr. Ambard

Professional Experience

Dr. Ambard completed his general dentistry training in Caracas, Venezuela in 1996. After practicing for 2 years, he came to the United States and completed his specialty training at two of the most well-known universities in the nation: The University of Alabama at Birmingham (1998-2001) and the University of Chicago (2001-2002).

He was an instructor at the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) School of Dentistry for five years. He directed the implant program at Kaiser Permanente for 5 years and was director of Oregon Academy of General Dentistry Occlusion Program. He has conducted research related to dental implants and lectures internationally. Dr. Ambard is certified by the American Board of Prosthodontics.


Dr. Ambard practices dentistry following these core values:

  • Evidence based dentistry: Treatment provided should always be backed up by the best available data.
  • Proven technology: While keeping up with progress and technology is an important aspect of dentistry, Dr. Ambard does not experiment with his patients. He engages in new technology once it has been properly tested.
  • Trust: Communication with patients will be direct and honest. Treatment options must be openly and deeply discussed. Trust is a major component on the success of complex dentistry.
  • High standard: The amount of education Dr. Ambard has received speaks of his commitment and passion for the profession. He believes in always providing the absolutely best possible quality of care.
  • Integral treatment: When performing dentistry, Dr. Ambard focuses on the patient as an individual, he does not simply focus on a single tooth. Understanding every patient’s needs is yet another very important part of treatment success.
  • Relationship: Overall, Dr. Ambard is the type of dentist who loves having strong relationships with his patients.